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Need to do an appreciation post for this amazing guy Dean Kushin .
We met at a mutual friends wedding and instantly connected over talking about personal development and self help books.
He then told me that around his day job he is a life coach and I instantly thought of my daughter.
This time a year ago I was really struggling with Summer, we were so disconnected. I loved her but didn't like the person she was. She was displaying characteristics that in anyone else I wouldn't associate with and this was my own child. She was having counselling, my sister, dad, friends were all trying to talk to her and get through to her and nothing was having that 'penny drop moment' to make her see she was on a downhill spiral if she carried on.
Admittedly Summer hasn't had it easy and been exposed to things by others that for any child will have some sort of effect on her and I was trying everything and anything to help her. 90% of my stress was worrying about her and what I should do.
And then Dean fell into my lap. I thought this man has all the morals of a man that I respect. At the time apart from my dad Summer didn’t have a male role model she could look up to and everyone trying to support her was female and I thought could this be what she's missing?
I asked him if he would consider being Summers life coach and he agreed.
I can honestly say he has completely changed our lives. Me and Summer have love, respect, honesty, trust and peace in our relationship now. I cant remember the last time I told her off or the last time she got a detention at school, she has full attendance, her homework is always done on time and her teachers all speak highly of her.

I think the best advice he gave me was when she does something good to celebrate her so she wants to keep doing it, don’t just say 'yeah well done' and that’s it. Really make a big deal and I have implemented that and seen how impactful it has been. If you constantly tell a child off and never celebrate when they do good you’re never giving them the incentive to be good.

Thank you Dean. You are amazing and we are very grateful you came into our lives.


Leanne Lowe
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