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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I've spent over 20 years working and studying to understand how to improve my life and the way that I think and feel. The truth is that personal growth is a constant thing, we are always learning and improving. I've been through my fair share of peaks and troughs. I'm here to pass on what I've learned so that you can get to where you want to be a lot faster than I did.

There's no greater feeling than overcoming fears, and building new layers of confidence through facing the things we find most uncomfortable. An even better feeling is sharing these experiences, the knowledge learned and seeing others thrive by helping them to do the same. Witnessing my clients build confidence and achieve the things that they want in life is a gift. The truth is, nobody has it all sussed out, we are human, and even those with the best jobs or who seem confident are often dealing with their own set of challenges, fears, low self esteem and more.

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So why become a life coach? Why is my passion helping others to feel better about themselves, to show them that through changes in mindset, the language that they use and habits we can transform our lives one step at a time. I considered my childhood to be tough, lacking love from some of the  people I wanted it from and experiencing physical abuse along the way. I found myself constantly looking for validation, for father figures in teachers, my friends parents etc.... But as kids we tend to just get on with it without analysis. It was only later that the anxiety crept in, I was about 19yrs of age, I'd felt unwell on a 9 hour flight home from a holiday with my girlfriend at the time when I experienced my first ever panic attack. I thought that I was dying, not helped by the fact that we had a long flight home, stuck in a tube with wings.. I never felt the same again after this flight, it had created a trauma in my mind that would grow and grow over the years that followed leading to other symptoms such as IBS. Anxiety became a fairly common thing for me and so my journey began on how to work with it. In the years since then I've learnt so much about myself, I've read a lot of books, had plenty of therapy/coaching which has all helped to carve out the person I am today. I've stolen this quote, but "We grow through what we go through" and I believe this to be true. So many successful people in life started out in difficult circumstances which often fuels those individuals to do better for themselves..... it can act as a motivator to never go back to those tough times from the past. I have studied and studied in my own time to understand how our minds work and how we can use this amazing tool of ours to achieve the things we want. I'm not only talking about financial success, I'm talking about really learning to love who we are in the nicest way possible. I've learnt that our best friend is the person looking back at us in the mirror, and it's about learning how we can connect to our inner self, this is the answer to so many of the challenges people face.

And so here I am, keen to pass on the knowledge I have gained doing it the hard way, so that you don't have to. 

Just as a summary in case any of this resonates with you. I had a negative relationship with my father who eventually left the family home. It wasn't so common growing up in a single parent family in the late 80s and so I often got teased for it. I started to rebel in my late teens before eventually problems from the past caught up with me and showed its face in the form of Anxiety. This I had to learn to deal with over many years whilst working in a full time city job in asset management, scared to ever tell anyone in case they judged me for it, or worse still lost my job. 
I have two children from a relationship that broke down after 10yrs, and have experience of what it's like to go through family court to try and get time with them.

There is more that I could list, but I know when I looked for a coach years ago I wanted someone who could resonate with what I'd been through. I hope this background helps in that respect.

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